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Membrane switches are electronic interfaces and controls that are characterized by their graphic overlays. More specifically, a membrane switch is any electronic switch, button or key that is covered by one or more layers, one of which is printed with things like button function indication, brand identity or specially chosen colors and designs. Membrane switches can be manufactured in stock quantities by their producers, but because the need for membrane switches throughout industry and commerce is so varied, there is a wide need for custom membrane switches.

Custom membrane switches allow companies to contribute to their brand identity. Using stock designs affords functionality and utility but does not directly contribute to the strengthening of brand identity. Custom membrane switches can be made to include features of brands and logos, colors, and a wide variety of other features that identify the product as distinctly branded. In addition to their value in helping to establish brand identity, custom membrane switches are also capable of being designed according to the specifications of their users. Because they offer so much to their users, custom membrane switches are important and popular electronic switch varieties.

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